PewPew Live is...

A fast-paced twin joystick shooter with an emphasis on getting the highest scores possible.

Feature list

  • Fast and diversified game play with 5 different game modes.
  • Tons of power-ups, to fight tons of enemies.
  • Super smooth graphics. Supports high-refresh rate monitors!
  • Retro-futurist vector graphics.
  • Unlock-able ships, bullets, trails!
  • Online leaderboard with replays.

The game is in active development, with new features and bug fixes coming in often.
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Also available on

Development log


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when we can download for the ios

I’m hoping within a month.

Is there a browser requirement to play the web version? For me it only works when I download a local server which doesn't let me log in.

You do need a local server to serve the files, nothing I can do about that :-(

Same thing about the browser blocking people from logging in.

i feel like ive played something like this on mobile like 8-9 years ago, this is really cool


Was it ?

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it might be? it was quite a long time ago but that does look like what my memory says. thanks for finding it

edit: redownloaded it, can confirm its definitly the one i played all that time ago, thank you for finding this gem

How to play game on pc? html don't opening

I’m working on a Steam version :-)


I can't run game. how??

how i can download the game?

Right now you can’t.

Was this made using SDL?

Yes, the web version is made with SDL (and OpenGL).

On Android and iOS I found the touch input latency of SDL to be too high, so I use the native APIs there.

Interesting, did you use the sdl opengl wrapper or native opengl? Did you make your own renderer? Did you find it hard to implement?

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I use the native OpenGL API on all platforms.

I did make my own renderer. A renderer for PewPew is not too hard: culling is simple, no lights or shadows. Hardest part was probably drawing 3D lines :-)

What is a little bit annoying is that any new effect, like Depth of Field or Lens Flare take several hours to implement, whereas in a premade engine my understanding is that it’s one click away and the quality can be better than what I achieve.

Wow, I see. This looks amazing by the way, I thought it had lights. How long did it take for you to make your renderer? Do you know if it is feasible for a team of two to make a 2d renderer with ray tracing lights?

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Making the renderer is an iterative process. I started with just drawing lines, then progressively added all the different effects (bloom, chromatic aberration, etc…). You can get a renderer in a week of full time work, but then there are endless improvements you can make. Even today the renderer of PewPew Live could be improved in a lot of ways.

It’s totally doable to do a 2D renderer with ray tracing lights. 2D simplifies many many things!

Cool game and graphics! Also please add spacebar support for shooting

How would you aim when shooting with the spacebar?

if you use a touchpad it is kind of hard to press it down while moving your finger, but using space would fix that

Hi, just double tap your touchpad to hold your click, you don't even need a space bar c;